3D3D models4 weeks
barnes-hutA one pager compressing the JuFo19 project5 years
ctf_clustersvisualizing CTF clusters at DEFCON CTF Finals 202213 months
ctfdgetSimply fetch all challenges from a CTF from CTFd.4 years
lambdahacktm ctf 2023 / misc / know your lambda calculus16 months
freitagsfooA service to submit talks for freitagsfoo21 months
inventoryA common-lisp mapping and inventory system8 weeks
mapA map of the chaosdorf hackspace4 years
companionThe companion spawned for one user.13 days
composeThe docker-compose foo5 years
container-managerThe meta container managemer5 years
landingpageThe landing page5 years
managerThe manager5 years
registerThe registration5 years
scoreboardThe scoreboard5 years
staticSome static files5 years
vpnThe VPN stuff5 years
Substitution-CrackerSome code for cracking substitution ciphers4 years
firmwareGathering firmware via nix8 months
giffA party service: give it gifs and it'll play them4 years
pixeltsunamiThe obligatory pixelflut client4 years
stdin-to-tcpBending stdin to tcp4 years
0h-gamejam-gameCreated a game in 0 hours20 months
failaThe caddy fileserver look, but int pure golang20 months
faila2faila, but simpler4 years
gofuzzwfuzz, but in go. Didn't know ffuf at the time4 years
graphClickerA metrics bundler, but with a simple web interface4 years
randomHttpA simple HTTP server returning random HTTP codes4 years
redirA webserver with the soul purpose of redirecting.4 years
reqlogA simple request logger4 years
ftp-grab-passwordGrab ftp creds (made by twink0r)5 years
honeypot-monitoringGrafana + Prometheus monitoring4 years
http-grab-basicauthGrab basicauth creds (made by maride)5 years
http-grab-urlGrab urls (made by twink0r)5 years
log-analyzerAnalyse the logs5 years
ssh-catch-testA simple honeypot emulating an ssh server.4 years
ssh-grab-keypassGrab keys from ssh logins (made by maride)5 years
ssh-grab-passwordsGrab passwords from ssh logins (made by maride)5 years
ssh-grab-passwords-mapA nice visual map of the login attempts4 years
hefeYet another monorepo (the big nix config)9 days
massscan-dockerA Dockerfile for massscan4 years
metrics-bundlerA super basic metrics bundler4 years
vokobeA custom static site generator written in rust9 months
Jugend Forscht 2017
SatelliteComputationEstimating possible Satellite collisions6 years
Jugend Forscht 2018
GalaxyGenerationGenerating Galaxies6 years
Jugend Forscht 2019
NFW-containerA container purely for generating galaxies5 years
SourceCode from the beginning21 months
WriteupWriteups using LaTeX5 years
brute-forceA simple benchmark showing how slow this can be4 years
db-actionsActions to be performed on the batabase5 years
db-containerThe main database5 years
db-controllerInteraction with the Database5 years
distributorDistributing tasks5 years
frontpageWeb page showing people what the project is about21 months
generatePointcloudGenerate pointclouds using the NFW profile4 years
generator-containerGenerates point clouds using the NFW profile5 years
manager-containerThe overall manager5 years
presPresentation material5 years
quadtreeSimple quadtree implementation4 years
simulator-containerSimulating the new position of a galaxye5 years
simulator-container-rewriteClean rewrite of the simulator-container5 years
structsAll of the structures used in the GalaxySimulator5 years
viewerA viewer for galaxies stored in trees5 years
zmk-configferris sweep zmk config16 months
matrix-sdkA simpler matrix sdk20 months
matrix-weather-botA basic weather bot using matrix-sdk20 months
r2warsA golang implementation of radare210 months
r2wars-rsA rust implementation of radare211 months
radare2-GoReSymA script to load goresym symbols into radare22 months
tlegolang tle lib4 years
tle2jsongolang tle to json5 years